Pedestrian Accidents

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Drivers have a duty to yield to pedestrians at crossings and to drive with caution wherever foot traffic is expected. Unfortunately, pedestrians pay the price when aggressive or distracted drivers disregard their duty to safety.

Redmann Law in Gretna holds car and truck drivers accountable for injuries to pedestrians. Our founding attorney has represented motor vehicle accident victims in New Orleans and southeast Louisiana for more than 20 years.

Were You Hit By An Inattentive Driver?
Metairie Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorneys

While the driver is protected, pedestrians commonly suffer severe or permanent injuries, including broken bones, head trauma or spinal injuries. The medical bills and lost wages mount up, and the road to recovery can be long, hard and uncertain. These problems are compounded when drivers are uninsured or underinsured, or when a panicked or cold-hearted driver speeds off after a pedestrian hit-and-run.

Our law firm promptly investigates and aggressively pursues compensation for the physical, financial and personal impact. Our experienced personal injury lawyers have handled every type of pedestrian accident, including adults and children hit by cars:

In crosswalks and uncontrolled crossings

In parking lots and driveways

In alleys and loading zones

On residential streets

On the shoulder of highways

While walking or riding a bike or scooter

Establishing Negligence And Damages

There may be disagreement about who was at fault. The driver may say the victim jaywalked, crossed against the light or “darted out” into the roadway. We focus our investigation on the driver’s careless or reckless operation. Was he or she speeding or distracted by a cellphone? Was there a failure to yield when turning or to look when backing up? We visit the scene to take photos, talk to witnesses and sometimes hire accident reconstruction experts to establish liability.

Just as importantly, we work with clients, family members, doctors and other professionals to understand the extent of injury, ongoing medical needs and other long-term impact. We assemble a strong case for damages for future medical care, lost earnings, permanent impairment, and pain and suffering.

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