Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers are pushed to the limit every day on the roads and highways of Louisiana. With trucking companies trying to stretch every dollar to turn a profit, they sometimes are reckless in overbooking and scheduling truck drivers way past the hour limits set by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). When a driver becomes so fatigued that he or she is falling asleep behind the wheels of big-rigs, semis and 18-wheelers, you can only imagine the serious nature of crashes and accidents that can result. If you are a victim of truck driver fatigue, our Louisiana injury law firm can help you.With our dedicated and compassionate attorneys at your side and every step of the way, Redmann Law will help you seek full and fair compensation. We will rigorously investigate the circumstances of your truck accident and go after all potential negligent parties. This may include the driver as well as his or her trucking company.Talk to one of our lawyers in Gretna, Louisiana, today in a free initial consultation. Redmann Law handles all types of truck driving-related accidents.

Accidents Caused By Truck Driver Fatigue

Some studies have shown that sleep deprivation and driving is just as bad (and in some cases worse) than drinking and driving. Not being able to stay awake, even for just a split second, can cause major auto accidents and injuries. A fatigued truck driver may lose focus, veer off the road or actually fall asleep behind the wheel.

Our lawyers will work hard to prove the driver fatigue could have been prevented through tracking mileage of the truck or semi as well as going through log books, record books and scheduling records from the trucking company. In most truck driver fatigue cases, it is found that the driver drove way beyond hours that are reasonable for safe driving conditions.

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