Airplane Crashes

New Orleans Airplane Crash Lawyer

There are many questions if a loved one was aboard a plane that crashed. Did he or she suffer? Why did this happen? How will you make ends meet and rebuild your life without that person?

The personal injury and wrongful death lawyers of Redmann Law provide experienced representation for families dealing with an aviation accident. Whether your family member was badly injured or perished, we will pursue the answers you desire and the compensation you deserve.

Louisiana Plane And Helicopter Crash Attorneys

Metairie attorney John W. Redmann has represented accident victims and grieving families in New Orleans and across Louisiana for more than 20 years. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, including aviation accidents. We have developed a wide network of professionals who can help us identify the liable parties and illustrate the impact.

We can pursue claims arising from all types of aircraft crashes:

Small private planes

Corporate jets


Major airline disasters

What Caused The Crash And Who Is Responsible?

The Federal Aviation Administration oversees investigation of all aircraft accidents. Our role is to conduct a parallel investigation as clues emerge about what caused the crash. We work to establish liability of any and all parties who bear responsibility, in order to fully compensate our clients for the devastation.

Most plane crashes stem from:

Pilot error — Did the flight crew have the appropriate training and conduct proper check-downs? Was the pilot fatigued or intoxicated? Was bad weather a factor?

Mechanical failure — Who serviced the airplane? What repairs or problems were documented? When was it last inspected?

Design defects — Are there known problems with the aircraft? Did the manufacturer cut corners in designing and building the plane?

Litigation of airplane accidents often hinges on testimony of engineers, veteran pilots and other experts. Redmann Law can commit the resources necessary to take on these cases. With more than 20 years of courtroom experience, trial lawyer John Redmann is prepared to go to trial when the airline, pilot service, mechanic service, manufacturer or other parties will not offer fair settlement.

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