Surgical Errors

New Orleans Surgical Error Attorney

It takes steady hands, a sharp mind and years of study to become a surgeon. As patients, we assume that the members of the surgical team know what they’re doing and understand that our life is in their hands.When those medical professionals make mistakes or cut corners, the result can be catastrophic or fatal. Redmann Law in Gretna holds surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and hospitals accountable for surgical errors. We handle medical malpractice cases in Greater New Orleans and throughout Louisiana.

Metairie Lawyers For Doctor Negligence And Surgical Malpractice

Our medical malpractice team has the experience and resources to identify errors by the surgeon and supporting personnel, such as:

Operating on the wrong body part

Cutting other organs, nerves or blood vessels

Leaving sponges or instruments in the patient

Misdiagnosis leading to unnecessary surgery

Anesthesia errors resulting in brain injury, heart attack or death

Failure to perform emergency surgery (appendectomy, hematoma, hemorrhage, etc.)

Failure to obtain informed consent

Injuries from surgical mesh or knee or hip metal-on-metal implants

Surgeries do not always have the desired outcome, and there is always some risk of death or complications. What constitutes medical malpractice is when the doctors and scrub nurses fail to follow preoperative check-downs or deviate from accepted medical practices. Our knowledge of medical jargon and surgical procedure helps us evaluate the medical records and other evidence to show that the injury or death should not have happened.

Compensation For Surgeon Malpractice

We pursue full and fair damages for malpractice, including the costs of medical intervention and future care, lasting disability, lost income, and pain and suffering. Surgeons are frequent targets of litigation and thus they tend to be well-represented and not inclined to settle lawsuits. John W. Redmann is a skilled courtroom lawyer who is not afraid to take cases to trial to win justice for clients.

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